Oxidizing agents present in the air, smog, animal urine and paint of various types threaten the aesthetics of the pedometers and all the equipment placed in the street and in the interior, risking to reduce its efficiency.

To prevent this from occurring, it is necessary to carry out cleaning operations that are entrusted to the Clean Park technicians, a maintenance company.
Thanks to the specific products it is used, it is possible to get a machine clean quickly and easily.

First Phase

The first step is to clean the inside of the machine.
The cutter is thoroughly cleaned and lubricated in all its parts, as well as the coin selector and all internal components. It is also important to remove paper jams and paper residues from the cutting of the ticket that, when deposited in the machine, can cause mechanical problems. The billet is then dusted with paper, to make the subsequent application of cleaning products more effective. A first treatment with the "Light 301 Parkeon" degreaser is carried out across the surface without neglecting the buttons.


Pretreatment is the next process that permanently removes graffiti and varnishes, indelible inks and other substances. The surface after this treatment is very clean and the original paint is not affected by the products used. In order to avoid contaminating components that are not painted, a transparent coating adhesive tape operation is carried out instantly by Clean Park technicians.


The painting operation, which gives the barometer a longer resistance to weather and weather, is carried out within minutes by the technicians directly in the place where the machine is positioned. The compound, based on a vitrified resin and colored pigments, is non-toxic and guarantees a complete yield within 90 to 120 seconds. Once laid, the product adheres perfectly to the previously degreased and clean surface, it dries in a very short time and provides a new and more efficient protective barrier. After just a few minutes of painting, it is already possible to remove the masking mask, releasing the display and other components that are then polished to return bright.

Environmental Respect

All products used by Clean Park are resin products and are easy to dispose of.








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